Recent filmed monologues.

During the covid 19 crisis there have been many opportunities for writers and performers to produce monologues which then get uploaded on social media. 'Mayfly' was first written for the first round of monologues in the 'Rapid Reel' project on Facebook. The idea was simple, a new monologue would be written, rehearsed and recorded within 24 hours. I had 3 hours to write a two minute monologue. I decided to turn to a character I had created years ago and bring him up to date. Weeks later another project was cooked up by theatre company 'Original Man', my monologue was chosen, then out of a hat a director and a performer were chosen. When a female actor was chosen I decided to re-write the piece, spoken by a woman. Things progressed. Here is the resulting film, performed by Alex Hannant, directed by Sarah Sharpe...

A little while later 'Make It Write' productions announced a competition to produce a new monologue, the prompt was 'hit the ground running' I decided to take the May Fly story and focus on the moment of flight. I had become more interested in the idea of this character going through two kinds of lock down. There were worrying news reports at the time about the increase in domestic violence during the Covid lock down and I thought how awful it must be to find yourself in a controlling or abusive relationship during lock down. This story was my response to this situation. I don't offer solutions and this is not based on anyone specific, it is more a wish for escape from harm for too many people.

Again, I was lucky enough for my monologue to be chosen, it was given to talented performer and director Mandy Lalley and cameraman Ian Langton who worked wonders to produce the film below.