Recent productions:

That's the Trouble with the Poor.

At The Edge Theatre and Arts Centre, Chorlton.

Manchester, Summer 1819. There’s a new landlord in The Dog and Duck on Mosley Street and the regulars are showing him the ropes. There’s talk of a big meeting planned on St Peter’s Fields and there’s a rumour that the famous orator Hunt will be addressing the crowds… they say its going to change their lives forever… and what’s more, it promises to be a lovely sunny day.


The Edge runs regular drama and singing workshops at The Booth Centre for people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Together we have produced a unique company making high quality theatre.

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This was my second design job for The Edge and the Booth Centre, after last year's 'You Can't Take That Away from Me'. This work is so fulfilling. Fun, sometimes humbling, often a challenge but always worthwhile. Working with very tight budgets the idea is to give as high production values as possible. With this show the emphasis was on the costumes, in order to keep the cost down I made a lot of them from scratch, begged and borrowed the rest. This cast and company are a joy to work with and produce great work in very difficult circumstances...

Photos by Matt Priestley